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The Santa Croce Monumental Complex is a unique and precious legacy belonging to all mankind. Continuous attention is required to conserve this immense spiritual, architectural and civic heritage for future generations. The Opera di Santa Croce is a non-profit organization, carrying out its vital task without any public subsidy, thanks only to funds raised through visits and private donations.

A general donation will go where it is most needed to help cover costs for urgent restoration and care as well as day to day maintenance and the vital safety care.

Join us in this great task: every stone, fresco, stained glass and slab of marble of Santa Croce's magnificent architecture will survive through the centuries to come, all thanks to your generosity.

Any contribution, however large or small, will be accepted with deep gratitude


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Fiscal deductions

In Italy
Did you know that all your donations to Opera di Santa Croce are tax deductible?
  • IndividualsYou can deduct up to 30% of sum donated donation for a total amount not exceeding 30 thousand euros for each tax period.
  • Legal CompaniesYou can deduct the donation up to a limit of 10% of the total declared income however, it is necessary to keep the relevant documentation: copy of the bank transfer; credit card/PayPal account statement; photocopy of the cheque.
Countries outside of Italy
Please refer to current rulings in your country of residency as fiscal laws vary significantly.

USA donations:
We use the King Baudouin Foundation as a registered charity under section 501 (c) (3) of the International Revenue Code. A fiscal receipt will be set to all donors

Are you a company?
Your firm can also make a difference by demonstrating its commitment to protecting our magnificent heritage. Ask us for a tailor-made fundraising project for your company!Please send an email to


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